Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: May 2008 :: Cut 3 :: Euphoria Mix

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: May 2008 :: Cut 3 :: Euphoria Mix

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Deep House, Vocal House, House Promos, May 2008, Cut 3 -- "Euphoria Mix": T-Rek, Acos Coolkas, Nyck Jerry Holdern, Sonda, Mick Verma, Milton Jackson & Sei A, Danny Dior & Mike Bendorph, Poussez, Da Funk, Trevis G, T & A, Bruno Browning

1. T-Rek - Freakshow Intro No. 2 (Original Mix) (Intro)
2. Acos Coolkas - Meridian (Amberflame Edit)
3. Nyck Jerry Holdern - I Love Deep-House (Original Mix)
4. Sonda - Bachelet (Original Mix)
5. Mick Verma - When I'm Near U
6. Milton Jackson & Sei A - Jinzou (Manuel Tur Remix)
7. Danny Dior & Mike Bendorph - Vintage
8. Poussez - Tell Me How You Do
9. Da Funk - Madison (Original Mix)
10. Trevis G - Dream Deep (Original Mix)
11. T & A - Mio (George Horn Remix)
12. Bruno Browning - Ribbons (Original Mix)

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  1. Yo Phil..

    Man uv really gone and done it now , this mix is so off the hook, I love it. Milton Jackson's track and Trevis G's tracks are just fantastic, real good work. Really dig the whole show, like the down tempo intro trks too, very electro and groovy. This will be ny new long long play for sometime to come:-) Thanks for playing my trk "when I'm near u too:-)

    Mick Verma

  2. Heya Mick!

    Thanks very much for stopping by and checking out the latest set! Glad you like it... your track makes an awesome addition to the playlist! Kind regards from Chicago, Philipp :: Deep House Cat

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  4. Hello Nyck!

    thanks very much for leaving a comment and your information on our blog! It was pleasure including your track and hopefully we can repeat an inclusion soon!

    All the best,

    Philipp :: Deep House Cat Show