Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deep House Cat Show :: SSRadio - Episode 72.0

Deep House Cat Show :: SSRadio - Episode 72.0

The Deep House Cat Show is now broadcasting an exclusive two hour mix set on SSRadio.com the premier online soulful and funky House music radio station, offering quality programming presented and mixed live by the world's finest DJs!

The show airs every other week WED (midnight - 2am GMT) / TUE (6-8pm U.S. CST). Next date is MARCH 24 (UK + Europe) / MARCH 23 (Americas)!!

This week's episode features 120 MINUTES(!) of the finest Deep, Soulful, Funky, Tech and Elektro House... As usual lots of new digital releases and promos mixed by by...

KAST (Belarus)

About KAST:

Konstantin Kopylov also known as KAST was born 1984 in Vitebsk, Belarus. KAST discovered his love for music as a child at a very young age. Before getting involved in electronic music, he ventured into rock, jazz and instrumental music. KAST plays numerous instruments including the guitar and keyboard since the age of 12.

To this day KAST very much likes experimental instrumental music, as well as jazz harmonies, which are present in many of his tracks. If you listen to KAST's guest mix you'll find deep bass lines, minimal drums and progressive melodic lines. All this creates a very deep atmosphere and defines KAST as a DJ. KAST is one of the most creative and technically gifted progressive/deep house DJ's of the Belarus.

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KAST (Belarus)
01. Dual Deep - Smooth (The Artful Remix)
02. Damon Hatcher - Synopsis (The Disclosure Project Remix) - 2600 Records
03. Exequiel Brandan - Pantek 400 - Night Drive Music
04. The Messenger - Agram at Night (Original Mix)
05. The Messenger – Lost Friends - 2600 Records
06. D-Pulse - When You Stay Alone (Alex Douche Remix)
07. Autumn Tree - Blue Flower - KumQuat
08. Autumn Tree - Buta (with Eke) - KumQuat
09. Intensitive - Absorcion (Original Mix) - 2600 Records
10. Bourne - More Than Just a Feeling (Dandy Hungary and Invoice Remix) - Oversized Records

01. Chad - Music Food (Original Mix) - Audio Lotion Recordings
02. Daco - Aquarium (Original Mix) - Paper Recordings
03. Ilija Rudman - Call Me Tonight (The Revenge 1-800-Mix) - Red Music Records Promo
04. Thomas Langner - So What (Original Mix) - Starlight Unlimited
05. Nikola Gala - Idle (Original Mix) - Audio Lotion Recordings
06. Electricano - House & Me - Les Bijoux Remix - Starlight Unlimited
07. Lomatic - Poor alines (Original Mix) - Plaster Promo
08. Tommy Largo - Don't You Ever (Original Mix) - Baldeelox Records
09. The Groovelab - No More (Vinnie M. Remix) - Groovelab Recordings
10. Soukie, Windish - Sun Wanted (Original Mix) - 200
11. D.Takerz - Kiss (Original Mix) - Sweetleaf Recording

This week's featured promos:

Ilija Rudman -
Call Me Tonight (The Revenge 1-800-Mix) -
Red Music Records Promo

Lomatic -
Poor alines (Original Mix) -
Plaster Promo