Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: on SSRadioUK.com - Episode 16.0

The :: Deep :: House :: Cat :: Show :: is now broadcasting an exclusive two hour mix set on SSRadioUK.com the premier online soulful and funky House music radio station, offering quality programming presented and mixed live by the world's finest DJs!

The show airs every other week WED (midnight - 2am GMT) / TUE (6-8pm U.S. CST). Next date is FEBRUARY 13 (UK + Europe) / FEBRUARY 12 (Americas)!!

This week's episode features 120 MINUTES(!) of the finest Deep, Soulful, Funky, Tech and Elektro House... As usual lots of new digital releases and promos!

As previously announced we now also have an INTERVIEW SECTION at the beginning of the second half of each Episode. This week's guest:


one half the internationally known DJ and producer duo

FISH GO DEEP (Cork :: Ireland)

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Listen to the Deep House Cat Show on SSRadioUK.com - Episode 16.0 (January 30 2008)

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Download this weeks episode NOW Deep House, Vocal House, Soulful House, Elektro, Tech House, Progressive House, Minimal, House Promos, January 2008, SSRadio -- "Episode 16.0"

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1. Rhymefest - "Thriller" Skit (Intro) - Whitelabel (Promotional Use Only)
2. DJ Neo Feat. Dara Rolins - Tell Me (Original DJ Neo Mix) - Paprika Italy
3. Soul Buddha - Fried-ay (Black Silk Mix) - Holy Disks
4. After Tea - Tout Le Monde Dit Oui - Hotfingers
5. Lil Wayne - Show Me (Original Mix) - Funkfield
6. The Rurals - Strange Ways (Jazz Funk Mix) - Peng
7. Harold Heath - Steppin' Theory - (Original Mix) - Plastic City
8. 11.8 - Elizabeth - (philE's 'Dub Mix' Rerub) - Pitch Music
9. The Messenger - On The Edge Of Love (Original Mix) - Night Drive Music
10. DJ Blackstone & Amit Shoham - Running (Jay-J's Dub) - Tarantic
11. Scott Findley - Deep 5 (Original Mix) - Manuscript Ukraine
12. ** Interview ** ** Greg Dowling ** ** Fish Go Deep ** **Ireland**
13. Fish Go Deep & Tracey Kelliher - Nights Like These (The Beard's Dub Mix)
14. Paul Rutherford - Seduction (Original Mix) - Neutron Music
15. Matt Samuels - Amillionmilesaway (Original Mix) - Leaders of the New School
16. Stan Kolev - Dejablue (Original Mix) - Outta Limits
17. Luciana & Bodyrox - What Planet You On (Deadmau5 Mix) - Phonetic Recordings
18. Wireless - Hey DJ (Original Mix) - Nocolors
19. Soul Tan (Sultan) & DJ Tarkan - Deep Dive In Istanbul (Hugo Gerritse Remix) - No Smoking Recordings
20. David Harness & Roland Clark - The Deejay's An Alien (The Layabouts remix) - Foliage
21. One Self - Bluebird (Outro) - Ninja Tune

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