Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deep House Cat Show - Episode 106.0 Feat. Kiyo To

Deep House Cat Show - Episode 106.0 Feat. Kiyo To

This week's episode features 120 MINUTES(!) of the finest Deep, Soulful, Tech House, Mid-Tempo and Nu Disco... As usual lots of new digital releases and promos mixed by philE!

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Deep House Cat Show; SEPTEMBER 2011 "Episode 106.0 Feat. Kiyo To" Mirror 1

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Deep House Cat Show; SEPTEMBER 2011 "Episode 106.0 Feat. Kiyo To" Mirror 2


KiyoTo (Pretoria, South Africa)

I'm a Dj, Producer, Vocalist born in Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up in most parts of the country but am currently residing in Pretoria.

I've been in the music production and mixing business for 7 years now, I started experiencing the club scene while residing Cape Town where rave and techno was dominant. I then then moved to Pretoria(the home of deep house in SA) where I was introduced a whole variety of dance music and with time I really grew into the music particularly Deep House, I first started collecting the tracks then went on to mixing and finally producing. I’ve been influenced by too many artist and producers but DJ philE and likes of Lars Behrenroth just made me want to be on another level. I then started a Recordings company with some of my friends called Kanzen Recordings, the word Kanzen is a Japanese word which actually means perfection so we are collective who strive for that.

Since I'm such a big fan of the DEEP STUFF I decided to host a website with links to some of our works and sessions to spread the word about this awesome genre of music. We have several tracks done but are finally launching them most music stores, I believe in Living To Give and Giving To Live and I do this total PEFECTION:)

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Deep House Cat Show - Episode 106.0 Feat. Kiyo To by deephousecat

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KiyoTo (Pretoria, South Africa)
01. Vessel - Patina (Original Mix) - Astro:Dynamics
02. MayoNegg - Come My Love (Trendy Mix) - Kanzen Records
03. Craig Hamilton, Trevor Vichas - Super Chief (Craig Hamilton Slo Motion Mix) - Flatpack Traxx
04. Paulo olarte - Mil Anos (Goldwill remix) - Gala
05. Daniel Bortz - Other Guys (Original Mix) - Suol
06. Boobjazz - Midnight Ceremony (Osunlade's Black Messiah Mix) - Stir15
07. Craig Hamilton, Trevor Vichas - Think Twice (Re-Edit) - Flatpack Traxx
08. Manuel Arce - Silk Skin (Lu Geremine Chill Skin Remix) - CE Records
09. Brian Benson, Michael Gull - 23 Children (Matt Star remix) - Recovery Tech
10. Christian - Dehugo Undermeans (Cuartero Remix) - Starlight Unlimited
11. Fantasna - Night And Day (Ex Only) - Neovinyl Recordings
12. P'taah - Fade Away (Silver City Alternative House Version) - Street King
13. Zoe Xenia - Right Here Feels So Good (Motorcitysoul Remix) - Suara
14. Lovebirds - The Rain (Original Mix) - Teardrop Music
15. Soulagenda Feat. Tantra Zawadi, Dana Byrd - Don't Let it Go (Bossrruu of My Back Remix) - Do It Now Recordings
16. Nils Penner, John Muder - Time Has Come (Original Mix) - Klimaks
17. Roman Flugel - Brasil (Original Mix) - Dial
18. Gorge, Andru Hommen - Hakunyo (Original Mix) - Tronic Soundz
19. Marlow - Put Off (Feat. Comixxx & Knixx) - Room With a View
20. Trickski - Point 0 (Original Mix) - Suol
21. Marcelo Cruz Feat. Natasha Koss - Soulomatik (Original Mix) - Cabana