Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: on SSRadioUK.com - Episode 45.0

The :: Deep :: House :: Cat :: Show :: is now broadcasting an exclusive two hour mix set on SSRadioUK.com the premier online soulful and funky House music radio station, offering quality programming presented and mixed live by the world's finest DJs!

The show airs every other week WED (midnight - 2am GMT) / TUE (6-8pm U.S. CST). Next date is MARCH 25 (UK + Europe) / MARCH 24 (Americas)!!

This week's episode features 120 MINUTES(!) of the finest Deep, Soulful, Funky, Tech and Elektro House... As usual lots of new digital releases and promos mixed by

Dirk Badack - Electronic Fields


DJ & Producer since 1995. „Dancehall“ on Jugendradio DT 64 unleashed the fire of electronic music in him. When he got hold of classics like „Loosing Control“ & „X-Trak“ from Daniel Bell in 1995, he began his DJ career. He discovered together with friend and DJ colleague Groovious his new favourite place behind 2 „1210“ and a „Mixer“. In South-Brandenburg they started to rock the first clubs (Aura Cottbus, Sperrgebiet Jueterborg...). They also started organizing their own Parties and Events. Radioappearances in Dresden and Berlin on Energy and Kiss FM followed. In 1999, they broke up their musical cooperation and started their solo career. The reason was, that Dirk moved to the South of Germany. Augsburg and Munich became his new homebase. As resident DJ in Augsburg's Nachtcafe and guest DJ in several other clubs (Kerosin, LOK, Glockenbachwerkstatt...) he left his footsteps. He was also very active for the communication media „Radio“. He worked as guest DJ for Radio Feierwerk, M94.5 in Munich, FM4 in Vienna and he developed his own Radio Show on „Frozen Radio“ called „Electronic Fields“. He moderated "Electronics Fields" for 4 years. It was a great platform to present his own productions. He don..t want to define his opus „Perlentaucher“ to a special section. It is simply deep, funky, sexy, limited, „bootlegeseque“, intelligent, avantgard, overweight, a little damaged, dirty but always ELECTRONIC.

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Deep House Cat Show; MARCH 2009, SSRadio -- "Episode 45.0"

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philE Feat. Dirk Badack - Electronic Fields (Germany) 1st Half
1. Ian Pooley – Roots (Force Inc.)
2. phoba – Back to the … (Unreleased Promo)
3. Nova Nova – Plaid / Aquabasino Dub (F-Communications)
4. Son.Sine – Upekah (Nuture Recordings)
5. Son.Sine – Mudita (Nuture Recordings)
6. Jussi Pekka – Kesä (On Kaunis) (Dessous Recordings)
7. Jussi Pekka – Breeze (Dessous Recordings)
8. Mr. Jones – A Note For my Friends (Soul Industries Recordings)
9. Star you Star me – Antidis (Force Trax)
10. Freaks – Where were you when the lights went out (Music for Freaks)
11. BRS – Lovin me (Imperial Dub Recordings)
12. Central Living – Everyday (Naked Music Recordings)
13. Wai Wan – Goddes (Autonomy Records)
14. Summerland – Soultmate / Swag remix (Naked Music Recordings)

philE Feat. Dirk Badack - Electronic Fields (Germany) 2nd Half
1. Robert Hood – Fragile Moments (Peacefrog Records)
2. Jeremy – Club Supreme (Tonika Recordings)
3. Lisa Shaw – Let it ride (Naked Music Recordings)
4. Paulo Rocha – Dreamwalker (Black Vinyl Records)
5. Ian Pooley – Sundowner (V2 Records)
6. phoba – … Côte d’Azur (Unreleased Promo)
7. Dr. Rockit – Café de Flore / Charles Webster Latin Lovers Mix (Lifelike)
8. Change – The Glow of Love (RFC Records)
9. Metro Area – Caught up (Environ)
10. Metro Area – Evidence (Environ)
11. dZihan & Kamien – Before / Mathew Herbert RMX (Couch Records)
12. Moodymann – J.A.N. (KDJ)
13. Freund der Familie – Sark / Taron Treka RMX (FDF)
14. The Rotating Assembly – Take me (Sound Signature)