Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: on SSRadioUK.com - Episode 34.0

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This week's episode features 120 MINUTES(!) of the finest Deep, Soulful, Funky, Tech and Elektro House... As usual lots of new digital releases and promos!

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Arno.G (Pays de la Loire; France)

00. NEIL ARMSTRONG - The Moon landing (Intro)
01. THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT - Keeping it deep (Original Mix) [Exquisite Music]
02. MARKOS - Cultural expression [NightChild Rec.]
03. MOODYMANC - Coleman (Future Beat Investigators Remix) [2020:20 Vision]
04. ROCHA & LEWINGER - Libelula (Original Mix) [inGROOVE]
05. NICK CURLY - Deep breath [Plastic City]
06. ROSS COUCH - Playin' Jazz [Body Rhythm)
07. FORTEBA - Kedding [Plastic City]
08. RONNIE PARKER - The prayer [Earthrumental Music]
09. MELCHYOR A's - Take one (Melchyor A's Touch Main Mix) [Soulshine Rec.]
10. RICK WADE - The purveyor of deep tones [Harmonie Park]
11. DA FUNK - Hold on to Your Love [Acryl Music]
12. NIKO BELLOTTO - Deep in [Tangent Beats]
13. NEIL ARMSTRONG - That's one small step for men, one giant leap for mankind

14. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Go Deepest (Original Mix) - Loco Records
15. Dominic Martin & Hiro - Dom In Tha Groove (Original Mix) - Tronicsole
16. Dakar - Milking The Cash Cow (Original Mix) - Get Physical Music
17. Anne Asle - Save Me (Full Blown Dub) - Blow Out Records
18. Djuma Soundsystem - Small Fries (Original Mix) - Get Physical Music
19. Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Original Cleptomaniacs Mix) - Bargrooves
20. Ian Carey & Illicit Funk - The Power (Sunday Morning Mix) - Bargrooves
21. Dinka - Native (Original Mix) - Unreleased Digital
22. Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (Original Mix) - Ultra
23. Kamuki - Yo Japan (fRew Remix) - Spin Out Records
24. 30Hz - Innocent feat Yolanda (Far Too Loud Remix) - LOT49