Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: September 2008 :: Cut 2 :: Bliss Peak Mix

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: September 2008 :: Cut 2 :: Bliss Peak Mix

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Deep House, Vocal House, House Promos, September 2008, Cut 2 -- "Bliss Peak Mix": Exium, Sintetique, Steve Ferrand, The Unique Matter, Isidoros vs Pura, Kuniyuki Takahashi, CrystalPalace, Soul Shift, Kiki & Sasse, Mad & Spectral, Denace 2 Society

1. Exium - Intro (Original Mix) (Intro)
2. Anton Lanski - Not Enough
3. Steve Ferrand - Morning Glory
4. The Unique Matter - New Vision (Original Mix)
5. Isidoros vs Pura - Cheeky Kiky
6. Kuniyuki Takahashi - Birds (Tony Lionni Remix)
7. CrystalPalace - The Evolution Of Hunger
8. Soul Shift - Feel It
9. Kiki & Sasse - Belvedere (Till Von Sein Remix)
10. Mad & Spectral - Something For Catwalk (Original)
11. Denace 2 Society - Worst Case Scenario (Original Mix)

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  1. Hello

    Just want to say that your last session (Bliss peak) is very beautifull !!!

    just deep as I like !!

    Please, don't stop


  2. Bonjour Arno!

    I hope you are doing fine and everything is alright! Thanks so much for your positive feedback! It is greatly appreciated. We thought that after sets of deep but soulful and deep but techy and progy it was time for a DEEPER than DEEP mix!

    Greetings from Chicago to France!

    Philipp :: Deep House Cat

  3. Absolutely stunning mix! Loving it! Big fan of the deep sounds. Please keep playing them!


  4. Hello dipen,

    really glad you like the mix! To be honest it is one of my favs, too! :-)

    Take care and enjoy your weekend!

    Philipp :: Deep House Cat

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  6. Hello RickDog!

    thanks so much for the inclusion! It is greatly appreciated!

    Best from Chicago,

    Philipp :: Deep House Cat