Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: January 2009 :: Special :: 96min Mix on Gabz FM 96.2 :: 01

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: January 2009 :: Special :: 96min Mix on Gabz FM 96.2 :: 01

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Deep House, Vocal House, House Promos, January 2009, Special -- "96min Mix on Gabz FM 96.2": Mick Verma, Jerome Isma-Ae + Roy Stroebel, U Ness + Jedset Feat. The 44th President, Astrid Suryanto, Nick Muir, Thomas Schwartz + Fausto Fanizza, Paul Cutie Feat. Lory, Marshall Jefferson, JP Phillippe, Sendos Fuera, Latenta Project, Nermin Feat. Ayaah, Sebastian Davidson, Robert Graff

1. Children Of The Bak galadi People - I Am Happy (Intro)
2. Jerome Isma-Ae & Roy Stroebel - Vila Nova (Max Graham Remix)
3. U Ness & Jedset Feat. The 44th President - Change Has Come
4. Astrid Suryanto - Distant Bar (16 Bit Lolitas Mix)
5. Nick Muir - Aint Nobody (Original Mix)
6. Jacksonville - Super 8 Motel (Original Mix)
7. Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza - Jambe Myth (Original Mix)
8. Paul Cutie Feat. Lory - Living Without You (Funkellers Mix)
9. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (JR Mix)
10. JP Phillippe - Providence Of The Cosmos (Ross Couch Remix)
11. Sendos Fuera - We Are Alive
12. Latenta Project - Sick My Duck - (Satoshi Fumi's After Rain Mix)
13. Nermin Feat. Ayaah - Truth (Deeper Club Mix)
14. Sebastian Davidson - La Musique L'Amour (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
15. Robert Graff - Se * Track (Trevis G. Deep Mix)
16. Mick Verma - Underground Composition

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  1. As always. Very beautiful sets. I got one unsolved track.Sendos Fuera - We Are Alive. It must be a remix. I usually use your mixes to guide me to the real stuff (for pay-downloads). I located to Sendos Fuera - We Are Alive (TraxSource) but it is far so good as the version you have used. Please adv. version. Thanks for great shows. T, Copenhagen, Denmark

  2. Hello T,

    thanks very much for your message. Now this is a bit odd. We have received this track as a promo and it has no mix name. However, I was able to find the track on two days ago, but now the track seems to have been removed. Weird. I'll keep on researching...



  3. Hi Phil...thanks for ur support once again my friend...

    Mick V

  4. Heya Mick!

    as always it was a pleasure to include one of your tracks! Keep it coming...

    Best from Chicago,