Monday, June 4, 2007

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: June 2007 :: Cut 1 :: Yogo Headwall Mix

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: June 2007 :: Cut 1 :: Yogo Headwall Mix

Deep House, Vocal House, House Promos, June 2007, Cut 1 -- "Yogo Headwall Mix": Stereo Mutants, Groove Invaderz Feat. Nicole Tyler, Morten Trust Feat. J-Sun, Bongoloverz Feat. Joyce Ouko, Fabio Tosti Feat. Spencer Banks, Muzzaik Productions Presents URH Feat. Csilla, Raul Rincon & Coronabros Feat. Jannet De Lara, Markus Enochson, Professor Delacroix, T&T, Argy, Hanna Hais

1. Stereo Mutants - I Love Soul (Danny Clark Reprise)
2. Groove Invaderz Feat. Nicole Tyler - Keep Risin (Central Avenue Dub)
3. Morten Trust Feat. J-Sun - Back To Love (Earnshaw's Dub)
4. Bongoloverz Feat. Joyce Ouko - Cheza (Hook A Pella)
5. Fabio Tosti Feat. Spencer Banks - The Level Of Love (Party Mix)
6. Muzzaik Productions Presents URH Feat. Csilla - Lili Loves The Rain (Original)
7. Raul Rincon & Coronabros Feat. Jannet De Lara - La Verdad (Acapella)
8. Markus Enochson - Awa
9. Professor Delacroix - Build Her (Vinyl Edit)
10. T&T - Sake (Lewis Ferrier's Mac-Shake Remix)
11. Argy - The Storm
12. Hanna Hais - Bel Amant (Tom (& Joy)Mix)

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  1. Hiho Phillip, sry for my late comment.
    Very nice mix, as well as the latter. But who or what is, Yogo Headwall???


  2. Hello Roger,

    thanks very much for checking back! Your comment is greatly appreciated.

    "Yogo Headwall" is a ski run in Montana. As you might have noticed some of my mixes have rather unusual names. These are all names of runs I skied in the past.

    "Yogo" might sound funny, but it actually comes from Montana Yogo Sapphires. Here is a link, which explains it a little more in detail:

    Montana Yogo Sapphires

  3. Hello Phillip

    Thanks for the support from T&T,The Lewis Ferrier mix is realy nice..Im the owner of Dos Palomas negras label and the artist..
    if you will be informed for our newest releases,please send a email to
    the latest track is Don't wanna go home a filterclub track.with soon also a Lewis Ferrier mix around 23 july..

    regards ton

    regards ton

  4. the link is broken, is there any chance for a re-upload? i've listened to and enjoyed every set you've posted except this one and i'd love to hear it!