Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: March 2008 :: Cut 1 :: Two Trick Pony Mix

Deep House Cat Show with D.J. philE :: March 2008 :: Cut 1 :: Two Trick Pony Mix

Deep House, Vocal House, House Promos, March 2008, Cut 1 -- "Two Trick Pony Mix": Rhymefest, Mick Verma, Cosmo-Star, Loan Souls, Neurotron, Pete Moss, JazzLoungerz Feat. Maxyne Ryan, System:Erra, Groove Delivers Feat. Kaysee, Ross Couch, Night Drugs, Dominik Eulberg

1. Rhymefest - Flip It Skit (Intro)
2. Mick Verma - Dont Delay (original Mix)
3. Cosmo-Star - Sunset Luvin (Doruk Ozlen Remix)
4. Loan Souls - Sun Is Shining (Original Mix)
5. Neurotron - As You Like It (Original Mix)
6. Pete Moss - Turn U Back (Fakin Moves Deep Dream Mix)
7. JazzLoungerz Feat. Maxyne Ryan - Joy (Main Mix)
8. System:Erra - Need Your Love (Tha Deep Mix)
9. Groove Delivers Feat. Kaysee - Summer Love (Main Mix)
10. Ross Couch - Rising Up (Christian Malloni Remix)
11. Night Drugs - Summer's Ended (Original Mix)
12. Dominik Eulberg - Gelbbauchunke (Outro)

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  1. Yo dj PhilE...Mick Verma here.Just wanna say thanks for playin my tune don't delay on ur show:-) It's only just released and I was lookin for feedback on it on the net and I came across ur podcast link and saw it...nice show by the way, will be a regular subscriber from now on. Cheers again and keepon keepin on mate.....

  2. Glad you're playing System:erra - loving that tune!

    Have you checked out

  3. Hello Mick! Thanks very much for posting a comment! If you happen to have a promo list we would greatly appreciate if you could put us on ( Thanks so much! Best, Philipp!!

  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks for posting a link to Great site, with great artists! Again, thanks very much for sharing... Best, Philipp

  5. Hi dj philE! I'm one on the night drugs and i want to thank you!
    c u

  6. Hi Polo, thanks for taking the time and posting a comment! Hope the mix sets help you to get through/over the insomnia caused by the night drugs!! Remember "Faithless" and his mega chart breaker "Insomnia (... I can't get no sleep). Kind regards, Philipp

  7. Yo again dj philE, Mick Verma here. I posted the link to ur show on my myspace page blog and recommended the show in general. I will post the show on my promos of don't delay this week too. If u wud like promos of my other music please send an email address that I can send a link to to
    Cheers again and peace for now

  8. Beautiful stuff man.. Beautiful stuff!!